The Messenger for all Nations


After 20 years being edited only in Portuguese, in the year 2022, we started an English version, totally secular.

We want to reach people of other ethnicities, religions, creeds and Nations.

You will read here several thoughts about faith.

You will read other religious thoughts and so you will know the different ideas and you will be faced with an assertive decision.                           

The Jornal “O Mensageiro7”, was founded in 1998 in the United States of America, in New York, by Helio Dos Santos Filho.

  1. It was created to worship God
  2. To work with evangelical churches and be a blessing in their lives.
  3. This Ministry is Evangelistic, our goal is to win souls.
  4. Our aim is to help communities in the Spiritual and Social fields.
  5. Our vision is Missionary, we believe that Missions have their origin in the heart of God.
  6. There are still plans in our action agenda that are not written in these lines, if God allows, we will carry out.

We place ourselves before God, so that He may use us as He wants, that our projects may be approved by Him.

We just want to be used by Him.

Until another edition !

your editor,

Pr. Helio Dos Santos Filho
Author & Editor


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